Monster Mash!

Furry bodies+big, googly eyes+bright colors=monsters! Yummy, edible cupcake monsters. For a boy, it doesn't get much better than that!

My sister, Alyssa, has been taking our family pictures for quite a while now. She's amazingly talented and I'm always amazed by and in love with the pictures she takes. In order to pay her back (if I really could), I've been making her kiddies' birthday cakes. For her youngest's birthday, she didn't really have an idea in mind, which was music to my ears! I've been wanting to try something from my new book, 'What's New, Cupcake?'...especially something for a boy, since it seems I make a lot of girl cakes! So we flipped through it and decided on some friendly, furry friends :)

The cast of characters:
Cupcakes...lots of them :) Regular sized and mini.
Dum Dums
Peach and apple rings
Mini M 'n M's
Icing...lots of it :)

First, glue a mini cupcake onto a regular-sized cupcake with a large dot of icing.

Second, cover the 'body' with fur. To do this, you can fill a Ziploc with icing, snip off a small corner, and pipe the fur over the body using a 'squeeze and pull' method. You can also use a piping bag with a leaf tip, which is what I did. (For the string monsters, use the same bag and simply pipe dangly loops down the 'body'!)

Third, attach eyes by inserting the sucker stick into the cupcake. To make the eyes, push the stick of the sucker through a peach or apple ring from the center to the outside; then pull the ring around the sucker.

Finally, pipe a small white dot of icing onto the center of the eye and attach a brown M 'n M. Add another colored M 'n M for the nose.

And you're finished! Enjoy these furry little guys! :)

And, just for kicks, this was my 4th cake of the week...a strawberry cake for my brother-in-law's party. Strawberry cake, strawberry filling and a vanilla buttercream. Turned out delicious (besides the layers starting to slide during slicing due to the extremely hot weather!!)


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