Sugar, spice and everything nice

Writing this post takes me back 13 years. Back when I was only 11 and on one of my first babysitting jobs. Little did I know that that job would lead me to some of my closest and dearest friends. Esther was only 6 when I started babysitting...a sweet little girl who could manipulate me into playing games, reading books and staying up late; over the years we've become very close--bonding over long van rides, various hair updos, shopping, camping, baking, cleaning, running, volleyball--and now she's a great friend. Not only is she gorgeous (see below), she's beautiful on the inside...sweet, generous with her time and clothes :) , and loving to her family and friends. Full of sugar, spice and everything nice :)

So when her 19th birthday came around, I knew I needed to make something special to celebrate her special day. Since she loves purple, I decorated with a purple and black theme. Fun, sweet, and elegant.

Pretty cupcakes ready for consumption :)

I love the double colored swirls on this one.

Reverse spiderweb design.

Happy 19th birthday, Es...we love you!


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