A cake 'fore' my love

This man is so many things to me. He is my best friend; God knew exactly who I needed in my life when I prayed for a husband....a wonderful leader, a great provider, the best place for good advice, a shoulder to cry on, a source of laughter and joy. He calms me, strengthens me, encourages me, helps me.

The man of the hour with his golf course cake and 'golf ball' cake pops (and with my assistant bakerella)!

Cakes signify a lot for me...they're a way I can express my love and affection for someone in a tangible way. So when Jon's birthday came up, I knew I wanted to make something special for him. This cake might look familiar...I did a golf course 'cake' made up of cupcakes for our brother-in-law's birthday a while back, and Jon was going on about how cool the cake would be in a cake form as well...so I tucked that thought away and knew exactly what cake I needed to make for his birthday!
The whole cake! I baked an 11x17 devil's food cake and then carved it in the shape of a golf course.

The golf balls were peppermints covered in white sprinkles, and the golf tee was shaped out of softened Mambas.

The sand pit is actually graham cracker crumbs!

The 'green' is my favorite part of the cake...pretty realistic looking! My mini bakerella loved helping with spreading the sprinkles for the green.

Happy birthday, Jon...I love you!


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