'Tis the season!

Oh how I love this time of year.  Family and friends getting together, yummy food, cuddles on the couch under a blanket with my sweet kiddos, singing along to Christmas music, hot chocolate by the fire...such good memories are made at this time of year!
Christmas also usually brings out the baking side of me.  I see so many cute ideas floating around on blogs, Facebook and Pinterest and just want to make them all!  This year I've tamed it down a bit since I've realized if I make it, I will eat it :)  I have a few recipes pulled out, though, and am excited to get going on them next week!

Last week I had a cake pop order for a past high school teacher of mine...she was one of my favorite English teachers so I was very excited when she contacted me for an order!  She had a birthday party, and then a Christmas work party the night following.  So 150 cake pops later, this was the result!
75 cake pops decorated in her colors of green and white for the birthday party, and 75 Christmas cake pops individually wrapped as party favors for the work party.  The flavors were chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet...I personally LOVE the red velvet--it's so fun to bite into one and see that bright red color...especially in a green coating :)

Also, check out my new cake pop display courtesy of my amazingly handy husband!  It's exactly what I've been dreaming of...he took my ramblings and turned it into a plan, then crafted this display!  Each layer can be used individually or stacked. With all tiers, it holds about 150 cake pops!  It would be perfect for a wedding--a cake pop display instead of a wedding cake, maybe?!  Spread the word :)  It was also the perfect transport system--no cake pops falling over or moving around.  Love.

Thanks for reading!  And don't forget...cake pops make a perfect addition to your holiday party!  They are great as centerpieces (I have cute vases they can be displayed in), as party favors (wrapped up in little treat bags), or just as a fun addition to dessert/snacks!  $1/piece.

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