Cake pops

Ever since being introduced to cake pops by the wonderfully creative Bakerella, I've made hundreds of them! Turkey cake pops, ice cream cake pops, sprinkled cake pops, drizzled cake pops...the list goes on. Cake pops are everything good in a little package--soft, moist cake with icing mixed in, dipped in chocolate. What could be better than that? I promise you, once you've had them, you'll join everyone else in saying, "What IS this?! I need the recipe!"

I recently had an order for 5 dozen cake was the 60th birthday for her mom, so 60 cake pops was a perfect addition to their party. She requested turquoise, brown and white for the color scheme and left the rest up to me. I decided to go for chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and vanilla cake with vanilla icing, and decorate with a mixture of coordination sprinkles and drizzles. The pots were dressed up with a simple turquoise ribbon.

And now, for a few pictures of the process and the finished product:

One tray of rolled, sticked cake pops ready to be dipped.

Dipping and decorating...5 dozen is a lot of cake pops!!

Pretty drizzles...

Each pot had a dozen assorted cake pops.

The finished product!

I just love the colors she picked and the assortment of sprinkles, drizzles and flavors. Makes my sweet side and my design side happy. Sigh.


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