Black Cats!

How great are these?! Black cats over harvest moons. Although I'm not a huge Halloween fan, these were definitely fun to make!

I was excited when this client called me--it was a lady who had picked up a business card from my mom's booth at the Northwest Washington Fair. She wanted cupcakes for a Halloween Bunco party she was hosting. After giving her a few ideas, she opted for the black cat cupcakes...another idea from my What's Next, Cupcake? cookbook (greatest cupcake book ever!).

The cupcake flavor choice was devil's food of my favorite recipes!
To make the yellow moons, I slightly melted yellow icing and dipped the cupcakes in, which gave it a nice, smooth look. The cats were a little more involved...I traced a template from the cookbook, melted chocolate wafers, and filled in the template with the melted chocolate. Immediately after that, I sprinkled black sugar all over the cats and put them in the fridge for a few minutes to set. Finally, I piped on yellow eyes, attached the cats to the cupcakes, and boxed them for pickup!

Thanks for reading!
Have a sweet day :)

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