Monster mania!

Whew...back to the blogging world! I can't believe my little man is 7 weeks old already--life is slowly settling into a new 'normal' and we're loving it. I'm enjoying every minute of snuggles, grunts, and sweet smiles. I'm looking forward to getting back into making cakes, and with a couple in the works over the next couple months, I'm excited!

I have to share this cake from was a perfect fit--a monster cake for one of our favorite little monsters! It was so fun to make, and pretty easy to do--give it a try if you have your own little monster! :)

The monster cake! All you need for this cake is a 'grass' decorating tip, green icing, cake pops dipped in green and some white icing and chocolate chips for the eyes...fairly simple, but super fun.

Happy 2nd birthday, little T! (thankfully we got some pictures before 2 cute little monsters swiped the side, sunk some eyeballs and tried to take off with the other eyeballs!)

Hope you're enjoying the week!

sweetopia  – (April 1, 2012 at 6:50 PM)  

So adorable! I'm experiencing a major craving for your monster cake .. and at 9:50 pm... I'm in trouble!
What a lovely blog and sweets you have here! I'm happy to have 'found' you through my birthday blog post. Thank you for visiting me there! xo

Sweet things  – (May 1, 2012 at 1:54 PM)  

Thank you! Your blog is such an inspiration to me--so thank you for visiting me here! :)

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