My sister and I have this great trade...she takes family pictures for us a couple times a year, and I make her kids' birthday cakes. It's a win-win...I'm the worst photographer and making cakes is not her favorite thing :) I'm pretty sure I get the better end of the deal, though!

Mr. Joey turned 6 this year! He's such a fun, all-boy kid! He went between a couple different ideas, but settled on a Spiderman cake. Such a fun, simple cake to make but has a big impact.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Brown Photography

Thanks for reading!

mommylovesdean  – (July 26, 2013 at 9:41 PM)  

My son is turning 3 in August and loves spiderman. I Googled spiderman cake ideas and saw this picture. I love your cake! Could you please share how you decorated it and what size pan you used..? I would really appreciate it!


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