Growing up

Photo courtesy of the talented Alyssa Brown Photography

This beautiful girl turned 5 this summer.  She is growing up faster than I thought possible...all of a sudden she's not a little girl anymore; she's reading, doing the monkey bars, doing jumps on her bike, putting puzzles together, memorizing Psalms and praying with such sweet faith, helping around the house, keeping her little brother busy, performing in her first ballet performance and picking up on everything. She's a social butterfly, always looking for someone to play with and organizing something to do.  It's not hard to imagine her going off to school (although my heart breaks a little at the thought)...she is raring to go!  She is such a joy and light in our lives!

At her first ballet performance--as the 'Cheshire Cat' from Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by her ballet classes and the cutest ballet performance you've ever seen, A asked for a ballerina theme.  So, pink and white swirled cupcakes with a yummy whipped icing (similar to Pioneer Woman's found here ) it was.  

My little helper and I made tiny ballerina slippers from fondant to top the cupcakes!

Photo courtesy of the talented Alyssa Brown Photography
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!  We're off to the beach for some sun and sand!


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