Hoo's turning one?

I couldn't resist the pun. So bad, I know. I almost forgot to blog these owl cupcakes--I saw a picture of some owl cake pops the other day and was reminded of the cupcakes I made for my sweet little niece for her first birthday!

The 'Hello, Cupcake' cookbooks are always full of fun, creative inspiration...and since they use a lot of supplies you probably have in your house (rather than professional decorating supplies), they're written for the home cook. You should definitely pick up a book or two of theirs and check it out for inspiration! These owl cupcakes were from one of these cupcakes and have always been on my 'want-to-bake' list, so I was ecstatic when we decided on these for L's 1st birthday! I love how each one has its own character.

 Photos courtesy of the talented Alyssa Brown Photography.

Chocolate cupcakes with Oreo and Junior Mint eyes, Reese's Pieces noses, and chocolate cream cheese fur.  Yum! 

Happy birthday sweet L! (PS--isn't the banner my sister made adorable? Love banners!)
Thanks for reading!

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