Hole in one!

One night, as my sister-in-law and I were paging through my 'What's New, Cupcake?' book, a page caught our eye--and we instantly knew this particular cupcake idea would be perfect for her golf-loving husband. So when his birthday--30th birthday, nonetheless--rolled around, we both knew what cupcakes I needed to make for his birthday!

Here it is...a golf course made up cupcakes. How great is this?! I had to get these done on a busy holiday weekend, so thankfully my wonderful husband helped make some of the little, fiddly things...he rocks!

The golf green was made up cupcakes dipped in green decorating sugar.

Aren't these golf balls adorable? The recipe called for a gumball covered with white sprinkles, but gumballs were nowhere to be found. So my hubby warmed some Mambas up in the microwave, shaped them into balls, dipped them in corn syrup and covered with white sprinkles. And they were so worth the work!

The sand pit was made up cupcakes dipped in graham cracker crumbs...so realistic!

That's all for now...I have a few other projects coming up, so stay tuned!
Have a sweet day!

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