I scream, you scream, we all scream for....ICE CREAM!

If there's anything better than an ice cream sundae, it's a cupcake and icing masquerading as an ice cream sundae :) For my sweet niece's birthday, she requested to pick something out of my 'Hello, cupcake!' book...and this was her choice. I love how real these turned out...and apparently they tasted good, too! Happy birthday, Maddy...we love you!

The cherries were made from red Starbursts shaped into a ball, with a red rope candy for a stem. The strawberry icing was made from strawberry preserves and pink icing color mixed lightly into white icing.

To make the icing look like ice cream, it was frozen for about an hour. I then scooped it using an ice cream scoop and placed it on the cupcakes. Not too surprisingly, frozen icing still tastes amazing! :)
I love this vanilla sundae--vanilla 'ice cream' topped with hot fudge sauce (melted chocolate), whipping cream (icing), and a cherry (Starburst)!

Yum. What more can I say? :)

Happy Saturday!

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