Wedding bells!

As I blog this, I can hardly believe it's been almost a month since my "little" brother got was such a happy, elegant, fun-filled day that I'm sure everyone will remember for a long time. Since Jon, Ally, Mya and I were all in the wedding, along with my cupcake/treat making, it was a busy day, but worth every minute of busyness! And now the happy couple is enjoying life in Hawaii, making us all jealous with pictures of gorgeous beaches, summery clothes and tans ;)

The week of the wedding was busy preparing the treats for the wedding. There was making fondant flowers, baking cakes for the cake pops, making and decorating the pops, baking cakes, making icing, baking cupcakes, decorating cake and cupcakes...I was so in my element :)

Reece and Krissy asked for vanilla cupcakes in lieu of a cake...but every wedding has to have a cake, right?! So I make a small cake topper for the top of the cake stand (which Krissy and I made together--fun, hey?!) which was chocolate with peanut butter buttercream and a filling of Reece's Pieces...covered in fondant. I loved how it turned out...simple and elegant--just like the rest of the wedding! The cupcakes were iced with a vanilla buttercream and topped with pearl sprinkles and little black fondant pretty and simple.

The cupcake tier with the cake topper!
Photo courtesy of my talented sister of Masters Touch Photography.

Close up of the cake topper...simple and elegant. And my first time covering a cake in fondant...mostly a success! :)

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream; topped with pearl sprinkles and fondant flowers.
Photo courtesy of my talented sister of Masters Touch Photography.

Krissy decided to do a dessert table, which was such a fun idea. People could fill up little paper bags--personalized for the wedding--with all kinds of treats. She collected all kinds of candy in her wedding colors--white, green and black--and then we added to that with cupcakes and cake pops. She asked for 100 cake pops--chocolate and white--decorated very simply. I decided to make them all white and decorate with elegant swirls and lines in black and green, and just loved the finished product....let me tell you, that was a LOT of cake pops! But I'm almost positive there were none left over! :)

Cake pops! I loved the spanish moss as a filler in the cake pop pots.
Photo courtesy of my talented sister of Masters Touch Photography.

In case you wanted to know what 100 cake pops looks like ;)

As much as I love making cakes, it's so much more fun when it's for people you love, and especially for an event like this! Congrats again, Reece and Krissy!!

My gorgeous new sister (seriously, isn't she beautiful?) and I!
Photo courtesy of my talented sister of Masters Touch Photography.

Have a great week everyone...can you believe it's almost June?!!

Thanks for reading!

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