Rapunzel, Rapunzel...and a request close to my heart!

I'm so blessed to have so much family living close by us and to be involved in all my nieces' and nephews' lives. Two sweet nieces, Hadley and Maddy, celebrated birthdays fairly close together and both requested a 'Tangled'/Rapunzel cake.

Ms. Hadley has had quite a year...you can read about her battle with Wilms Tumor here. We've seen God's hand so clearly through this family's journey--they have been such an amazing example of faith and trust, often being the strength for everyone else! Although it wasn't an easy battle, this sweet, spunky girl fought through and has been declared CANCER FREE! Praise God!

Beautiful Hads...cancer-free!
Photo courtesy of Katrina of Masters Touch Photography

As Hadley's supporters, a couple teams have been set up for June's Relay for Life. Please consider donating to this cause and supporting Hadley and other cancer survivors. You can donate by contacting me directly (rianne.kruyswijk@gmail.com) or by going here. Click on the purple box that says 'Donate' and find 'Team Hadley'.

And the cake...(the cake pictured is Maddy's, but Hadley's was pretty similar) :)

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Brown Photography

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Brown Photography

Maddy is one of the sweetest girls I know...beautiful inside and out!
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Brown Photography

Thank you for reading!


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